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Training automate programabile si convertizoare - Sediu Electro-Total, 15-19 Mai 2017

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Str. Mecet nr. 42-44, Sector 2
024086 Bucuresti

Phone: +40-21-252.57.81, +40-21-252.57.83

Fax: +40-21-252.57.82, +40-21-252.57.91



ELECTRO-TOTAL is a private company established in 1991 and working in the area of industrial automation. Over the last fifteen years ELECTRO-TOTAL became one of the most important Romanian system integrators and distributors for industrial automation related products, applications and services.

An important part in this ascending evolution has been played by the careful attention in selecting our partners and suppliers. They have always been selected from the world market leaders in their specific area of expertise. All our partners are important companies, with a long and successfull tradition. They have an outstanding reputation and they are continuously setting new standards and trends in the field of industrial automation.

ELECTRO-TOTAL is now able to offer complete solutions including design, field equipment delivery, electrical and automation cabinets, application software, commissioning, training, service etc.

The high expertise of our technical staff combined with the quality and diversity of the products and services we are currently offering brought us an important number of customers. We are proud to have among them the most important companies from metallurgy, machine building, ceramics, glass, chemical and petrochemical industry, power generation, pulp and paper, wood and building materials, medicine etc.




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